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Varieties And Advantages Of AC Servo Motor

AC servo meter defines an electric meter which makes use of alternating existing. As compared to DC motors, AC motors are a lot more prominently utilized in industries but they are not suitable for low speeds. electrical slip rings consists of an amplifier and a feedback service. Amplifier increases the size of a signals and feedback service which is truly a aspect of a closed loop manage program detects the actual value provided by a sensor although a procedure is happening.

Generally there are two forms of meters on the basis of supply frequency. These two are as follows:

Induction motor runs at a reduced provide frequency and present is induced in rotor of the induction motor to produce magnetic field.

Synchronous Motor on the other hand does will need existing to be induced it runs at the supply frequency. Current is passed through the slip ring s or permanent magnet is utilised to develop magnetic existing.

Right here is a list of the varieties and benefits of meters on the basis of voltage.

Typical AC Servo Motor – It consists of spinning motor. It works at high speed with low vibration and makes use of hollow shaft. This servo meter is made use of for auto molding, cleaning and generating transfers.

22KW ~ 37KW AC servo motor – This is one particular of the higher voltage servo meters. It runs at higher power and higher voltage power. This is utilized for injection molding, packing, steel processing and in servo press.

1KW ~ 15KW AC servo motor – This servo meter consists of higher resolution feedback technique. It has high inertia and suitable control more than accuracy. This is employed as Auto Tool Changer, coil feeder, and is used in press brake and steel processing M/C.

.1KW ~ 7.5KW AC servo motor – This is also one of the high resolution feedback method. This can be availed at low cost and has higher speed and accuracy manage. This is made use of for socks knitting M/C, Embroidery M/C, and Quilting M/C and as TFO Winder.

1.1KW ~ 1.5KW AC servo motor – This a single is customized with unique design. Its particular design delivers higher speed along with high inertia to the motor. This meter is used as a stimulator, movie theatre or game machine.

30W ~ 37KW AC servo motor – This a single offers higher speed and higher torque. This is utilized as router, spring forming machine, bending machine and EDM machine.

30W ~750W AC servo motor – This servo meter gives higher torque, higher speed and high feedback resolution motor. PCB slip ring is utilized as healthcare machine and in the defence industry.

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