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How To Purchase and Sell Junk Cars for Profit

Shopping for junk automobiles is easy to do, on the other hand making a profit from getting junk automobiles for money is an entirely different proposal altogether. This report was written to support the reader to learn how to acquire and sell junk cars for profit.

What is a “Junk Auto?”

I have bought and sold thousands of junk cars, and just to be honest about it, a number of of the vehicles I have purchased, have been not “junk automobiles” at all. The owner merely wanted to get rid of the automobile, so to the owner it was a junk automobile, nonetheless for me obtaining it, definitely NOT a junk automobile! On numerous occasions I have quickly sold the auto for somewhere between 2-3 times what I had paid for it in mere minutes of the transaction.

Selling junk cars wholesale…

One particular of the reasons I have been capable to get and sell so many junk automobiles is mainly because I know what to do, and you know the old saying… “Information is energy.” One particular of the keys to becoming in the junk auto removal organization is this: obtaining a list of people today, or corporations that you can call on, which, for a fair value, will buy your junk automobiles for sale in a minute. More than the years I have constructed a relationship with several people and corporations that do just that.

What else do you require to know to get junk cars?

There are some men and women, which think that you must discover salvage automobiles for sale, and immediately after getting them, go straight to the scrap yard, or recycling center. I disagree! If you want to learn how to acquire and sell junk automobiles for profit, you had better not think that either.

What do you do following you uncover inexpensive automobiles for sale?

The data in this section can enable you make some genuine profit, if you read and do the following, just after you purchase a junk car:

Cut off the Catalytic Converter… Until current years, this was a single of the greatest secrets of the most profitable factors to do, following you invest in wrecked cars for sale. The catalytic converter consists of platinum and other expensive metals that recycling centers like to get their hands on. Leaving the catalytic converter on the auto is a large error, due to the fact the average factory original catalytic converter is worth in between $50.00 and $100.00, some of them even much more!

Take cash for cars out from under the hood… Auto batteries include lead, which is what is recognized as, a non-ferrous metal that suggests it contains no iron. Most scrap yards will not allow you to sell your automobile to them with a battery in it anyway, on the other hand you can sell the auto battery separately for extra cash, if you know exactly where to go, these commonly bring between $eight.00-$15.00 apiece.

Alternators are a superior source of cash… Exactly where I go to sell my alternators they spend me between $4.00-$10.00 each, it really is worth taking two-three screw or bolts off for that sort of return on your time.

Air Conditioning Compressors bring a couple of bucks as well… Most automobiles that I scrap out have the air conditioning compressor just under the alternator. So when you are proper there, you may as effectively take out the four screws holding it in place (most models) when you are at it. That will add an further $3.00-$8.00 profit for you.

What about the wheels? I am not referring to steel wheels in this case. I am referring to “Alloy Rims,” or “Aluminum Rims” often just referred to as “Rims,” or “Custom Rims.” These can fetch a pretty handsome profit for you also. A normal set of 4 alloy rims can typically bring about $75.00, even so a set of four custom rims can bring substantially extra, I have sold a set of four custom rims for more than $200.00 just before.

Do not forget the Radiator and Condenser..The radiator and condenser are typically overlooked, because they are a bit of discomfort to take out, on some models. That getting said, they are a good source of profit for you, ought to you choose to extract them. Some radiators are produced from copper, those are by far, the most important ones… if you know how to clean them up correct. The radiator and condenser must bring you about $four.00-$20.00 depending upon whether or not it is all aluminum, or aluminum and copper.
On one more subject… there have been countless times, where I have observed people today who bring their scrap metal in, which is known as “dirty scrap.” I will create an additional write-up quickly about “How to clean up and prep your scrap metal, just before taking it to the scrap yard.”

In summary, if you total up all the low numbers it operates out to be $144.00 totaling the high numbers equals $333.00. If you are very good, and can strip a automobile down in about an hour or so that is good return on your time.

Preserve in thoughts not all automobiles have aluminum rims, and do not be dismayed if you go to sell a catalytic converter at a scrap yard, and they inform you it is an “aftermarket” a single worth only about $five.00-$ten.00. In any case if you read and adhere to these guidelines you are going to understand how to buy and sell junk vehicles for profit.

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